Reduced rate counselling

Why do some Counsellors offer reduced rates? A recent internet search had my blood boiling. Article after article warned people to say away from Counsellors who offer reduced rates, stating the reasons – The counsellor won’t be qualified. The counsellor won’t be regulated by a counselling body. The counsellor won’t value themselves. The counsellor will … Continue reading Reduced rate counselling

Why do we judge others?

I think we can all be guilty of judging people around us, me included! It could be something really simple like saying “What is wrong with that woman? She’s wearing a big heavy coat in this the middle of summer, there must be something wrong with her.” Why do we do this? I believe we … Continue reading Why do we judge others?

Something to think about

Recently I have seen posts on Facebook and Instagram like this one – This has made me think about how much help such a sentiment would have. To help explain my thinking I am going to share my own story. “When my 30th birthday approached I started to feel really down, actually I didn’t really … Continue reading Something to think about

What is mental health?

So often I hear people say, ‘just lock me away, I’m crazy’, and I wonder is this how people see mental health? Is it a diagnosable condition like schizophrenia or psychosis, with obvious outwardly symptoms? Or perhaps it’s depression and anxiety, struggles many can conceal? Maybe it’s more simple than that and it’s all to … Continue reading What is mental health?

Who do you turn to?

We have spent the past few days, painting, cleaning and organising all in preparation for the new office. As I sat on the floor feeling proud I realised how grateful I was for those who were so willing to help. Sadly we don’t all have ‘people’ and I wonder what happens when you have nobody … Continue reading Who do you turn to?