Anger brings many people to counselling. It was the emotion that started my journey many, many years ago. I attended counselling because I was angry all the time and I was angry at everyone and everything thing. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, why was I feeling like this? I understand now that … Continue reading Anger

Reduced rate counselling

Why do some Counsellors offer reduced rates? A recent internet search had my blood boiling. Article after article warned people to say away from Counsellors who offer reduced rates, stating the reasons – The counsellor won’t be qualified. The counsellor won’t be regulated by a counselling body. The counsellor won’t value themselves. The counsellor will … Continue reading Reduced rate counselling

Why do we judge others?

I think we can all be guilty of judging people around us, me included! It could be something really simple like saying “What is wrong with that woman? She’s wearing a big heavy coat in this the middle of summer, there must be something wrong with her.” Why do we do this? I believe we … Continue reading Why do we judge others?