Services and Fees


One-to-one counselling

Sit down with a counsellor in a comfortable and safe environment to work on what has brought you to counselling.

Couples Counselling

Working with a counsellor to explore your relationship and current issues to help resolve conflict and build strong communication.

Skype and telephone counselling

If you find you can’t travel or find it hard to fit sessions into a busy schedule, then Skype or telephone counselling may be the a more suitable fit for you.

Fees at Harmonised Minds work on a sliding scale* and we are happy to work with you to ensure it is affordable.

*We believe counselling should not be a financial burden so our fees work on a sliding scale. This means we will discuss a rate which you can afford based on your income and outgoings, rather than working from a set fee (normally £35 per clinical hour, £50 per couple and £60 per family session).