Does bullying stop in childhood?

Adult bullying – are you getting bullied or are you a bully? When we think about bullying we often think about children. In schools and social settings children are suffering at the hands of bullies and we work hard to put an end to it, but what about adults? Do we think that bullying stops … Continue reading Does bullying stop in childhood?


Anger brings many people to counselling. It was the emotion that started my journey many, many years ago. I attended counselling because I was angry all the time and I was angry at everyone and everything thing. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, why was I feeling like this? I understand now that … Continue reading Anger

Reduced rate counselling

Why do some Counsellors offer reduced rates? A recent internet search had my blood boiling. Article after article warned people to say away from Counsellors who offer reduced rates, stating the reasons – The counsellor won’t be qualified. The counsellor won’t be regulated by a counselling body. The counsellor won’t value themselves. The counsellor will … Continue reading Reduced rate counselling

Why do we judge others?

I think we can all be guilty of judging people around us, me included! It could be something really simple like saying “What is wrong with that woman? She’s wearing a big heavy coat in this the middle of summer, there must be something wrong with her.” Why do we do this? I believe we … Continue reading Why do we judge others?

Something to think about

Recently I have seen posts on Facebook and Instagram like this one – This has made me think about how much help such a sentiment would have. To help explain my thinking I am going to share my own story. “When my 30th birthday approached I started to feel really down, actually I didn’t really … Continue reading Something to think about